About Me

I believe that life is a school for the spirit. Where we incarnate into human beings to further the progress of the spirit. Believing we all have something to teach each other. A bit out there but just an introvert with a loud mouth and big heart.

As studious creative, I questioned everything I've ever come across . I've studied history, philosophy, sociology, psychology and spirituality searching for the meaning of life. Always looking at the bigger picture. Never accepting the status quo. Imagining new concepts and ideas. After much study, I've come a deep understanding of myself and my path.

Through my work, I hope to share that understanding with the world. Photography and writing are my passion. Using both, I will share my vision with the world.

I enjoy meeting new people and learning from their experience. Love discussing new topics and exploring old ones. My mom taught me to speak my mind. Nothing is off limits, being transparent and honest are my foundation.

We are all one and should work together. I believe in teamwork, collaboration and community. Let's be friends and work to make the world a better place, today!

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